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Every MLB Player has access to the SwingAway® and the vast majority of these players hit on a SwingAway® before, during and after the game. Our Machines have earned the VALIDATION as the PREMIER HITTING MACHINE at the Highest Level of the Game. The new SWINGAWAY PRODUCT LINE is built to take the constant use and demands of the Professional Athlete and it is also available to ALL PLAYERS who possess the drive and determination to Get Good, and then become The Best.

Don’t be fooled by other hitting products with a Superstar Player on the Box
These players typically do not use these products, because these products do not provide any real benefit and simply do not produce the results necessary to elevate a player’s game. This Superstar will only have access to a SwingAway at the Stadium, not the product he promotes.
Dave Hudgens - Major League Hitting Coach, New York Mets
"A player's career can't afford to be without a SwingAway, it allows for a hitter to develop muscle memory and the proper swing mechanics. It's proven effectiveness is the reason why Major League players and teams have come to rely upon it for the past decade."

Denny Walling - Baltimore Orioles Roving Hitting Instructor
"The SwingAway deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. No other hitting tool has been used by more Major League baseball players in the past decade. There is no doubt about it; if you train with the SwingAway it will make you a better hitter, period."

Dave Destler, Editor - Junior Baseball Magazine Product Test
There are a lot of hitting aids, gadgets, and gizmos on the market and not all of them are worth your hard earned cash. One that we can recommend, however, is the SwingAway® by SwingAway Sports Products. Developed with the professional in mind, the SwingAway® provides several benefits for the hard-working hitter. A real baseball is suspended in 'space' rather than on a tee, held in position by tether cords that can be adjusted for height, depth of strike-zone, as well as inside, outside, etc. The motion of the ball flying off the bat gives both feedback as to where in the field it might have gone, as well as the 'gratification' of seeing the results of a good swing. A big bonus is not having to chase balls and reload buckets and tees. The SwingAway® can quickly be turned into a 'pitchback' trainer for added versatility."

Mike Candrea - Head Softball Coach, University of Arizona and US Olympic Team
"SwingAway® is a great option for stationary Tee drills. I like the ability to perform unlimited repetitions while never having to put a ball on the tee. The SwingAway® is a great teaching aid to work on keeping your hands inside the ball. ...will give the hitter instant feedback when they perform a proper swing."

Jay Buhner - former Seattle Mariner
"There's not a better machine on the market today ...it's the best hitting tool I've ever used...guys around the league will tell you the same thing."
Ben Grieve - Chicago Cubs
"You get the feel of the bat hitting the ball. It’s a great way to get loose before batting practice. In the parks that have a SwingAway®, I want to take my live swings before batting practice. This is a great aid. Put one in your backyard..."
Vinny Castilla - Colorado Rockies
"After batting practice I go into the cage and use the SwingAway®...to warm up. It feels good and you don't have to chase balls like when you hit off the tee. The SwingAway® is going to be in my backyard every year. I think the SwingAway® is needed in schools and backyards around the country."
Ralph Weekly - Director of National Teams & Coaching Development, American Softball Association
"The SwingAway® is an extremely effective hitting device that allows maximum repetitions in minimum time. We use it in our camps and clinics to isolate work on specific areas of the strike zone. A must for any hitting circuit."
Eddie Murray - former Bench Coach Baltimore
"I think the SwingAway® is an excellent machine... It makes you comfortable with the pitches you're going to see."
Eric Davis - former San Francisco Giant
"I'm a firm believer in being able to put the ball where you want to...you can adjust the height, get the location you want to practice. The main thing for me is you don't have to chase the balls; it’s more convenient than anything I've ever used. You can work on where you like the ball. It makes you isolate specifically on the ball. "
Joe Carter - Former Major Leaguer
"The SwingAway® has a much better feel than the tee...the next best thing to live pitching...I can work any part of the strike zone without picking up balls."
Sue Enquist – Former UCLA Softball Coach
"Our offensive practices are more productive... It takes less time to obtain proper muscle memory... You no longer have to worry about picking up loose balls and putting them on a tee. SwingAway® is portable, lightweight and durable. It is an excellent investment for a program striving for better offensive results."
John Rittman - Head Coach Stanford Softball, 2008 USA Softball Asst. Coach
"The SwingAway® is an outstanding training device... It helps our hitters work on contact points...different pitch locations and gives them the ability to take more quality cuts in a shorter period of time. The SwingAway® would be a great investment for anyone serious about improving their swing."
Jennifer Brundage, Former Member - Team USA Softball
"I use the SwingAway® to work on the mechanics of my swing. The time I save by not having to pick up balls allows me 100 extra swings a day. I love it!"

Gene Heyward - Father of 1st round draft pick Jason Heyward
"Let me tell you about the SwingAway, if you have a swing problem the SwingAway will find it, and once it finds it, it's going to FIX that problem, fast. The SwingAway is the best hitting machine I have ever seen."

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Gary Sheffield
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Jay Buhner
Joe Carter
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Bobby Cox
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Delino DeShields
Elrod Hendricks
Greg Vaughn
Ricky Henderson
Chris Bando
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John Olerud
Manny Mota
Brook Fordyce
Matt Sinatro
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Roger Clemens
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Ozzie Timmons
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Dave Hollins
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Jim Thome
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