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SwingAway Sports Products Mission Statement
"SwingAway Sports Products is committed to helping players develop their mechanics and become better hitters"

To our SwingAway Customers,

When the SwingAway was introduced to Professional Baseball in 1996, there was a tremendous BUZZZ around the League. This machine was perfected with the guidance of Lou Piniella, Lee Elia and Jay Buhner all with the Seattle Mariners, as the Head Coach, the Head Hitting Coach and as an All Star Player respectively.

Today, more Pro Players use the SwingAway than ever before. It is the Only established, recognized and accepted hitting training machine in the MLB. Today's players grew up training on the SwingAway. Many of todays professional players started training on the SwingAway in High School, College, the Minor Leagues and finally in to the Big Leagues. Pro Players now just expect a SwingAway to be available for them to train and practice with at every stadium.

We receive numerous calls each month from former MLB Players; Many of them are Legends of the Game. However the most surprising is the calls former MLB Pitchers who want to purchase a SwingAway System for their children. This re- enforces the fact that our SwingAway really works to make players of all ages better hitters thus better baseball and softball players. We as a company are extremely proud to continue to be successful in doing something Real Good for the Game of Baseball.

John J Flading
President and CEO
SwingAway Sports Products