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Worth Every Penny - 20 May 2015

Setup was pretty simple. very easy to use, and most important for parents or persons wanting to know if they should buy this: Yes it works!

I'm 48 and have never had a power swing. I still don't even after using the Swing Away, though I've definitely noticed improvements in my swing, especially with inside and outside pitches where I was using incorrect form.

I also have 2 children using it, with my 10yr old deciding to play fastpitch softball this year for the first time she's played any sport. I bought this a week after her tryouts after noticing how badly she needed to learn to swing, and to help my older daughter who is playing for her HS team. They use it regularly, and really enjoy it. The younger one though, the impact on her has been amazing. She's very small, only about 51lbs, yet has learned excellent form. One of her coaches is an ex college baseball player who has been working with the girls. He's commented multiple times on how good her form is and how well she makes contact.

I can't attribute any of it to my teaching, only to her practice with the swingaway and the 10 minutes or so at a couple practices he'd gotten to work with her. She'd never swung a bat before 2 months ago, and now she looks like a natural. So much so that at a recent game a dad was pointing out to his son "see that girl batting, that's how you should look in the batters box. that's great form". I just happened to be in ear shot and overheard this.

Simply put, if you have a child playing baseball or softball, this is a must have tool. The feedback on good or bad swings, placement of contact, it's all spot on. It's been worth every penny and I'm completely satisfied. it doesn't matter your age or skill level, the swing away can make you better (though if you are an adult or plan to have a team of adults use this, get the XL model which is designed for more abuse. The BH model is for solo users or up to HS level players)

Softball- 3 May 2015

Just set up the MVP version. Set up was simple and only took about an hour. Kids get lots of reps in short amount of time. We got the softball set and kids can't wait to get home from school to hit on it. Amazing hitting tool.

Perfect for my 8 Year Old's needs - April 23, 2015

I bought this for my 8 year old son; he loves it. This is his second season playing baseball (coach pitched) and when he makes contact the ball flies. His problem is he "golfs" and misses the ball. We have a T-ball and bucket of balls but they would go flying. To correct that I researched and decided to go with the SwingAway. We do 50-100 swings each day. I read the reviews about the difficulty understanding the instructions but I didn't have any issues putting it together. I didn't do anything special...just followed the instructions. I got it together in under one hour.

Go ahead, swing away, you'll be glad you did!, December 11, 2014
Pleasantly surprised. This piece of equipment is built better than expected. The powder coat finish is a nice touch. Assembly took about an hour, was well described in the instructions, and was less complicated than you would think (don't rush the assembly). We have it set up in the basement (built it in the garage, then folded it, as per the instructions and easily got it downstairs). It is used primarily by our 13 year old son. This is so much more effective than a tee for working on technique, he can get in his hits in a short time and judging from his sweat is a pretty good work out as well. For the money, I would say this is the best hitting aid you can buy.

Thank you SWINGAWAY!, October 21, 2014
My son absolutely loves his Swingaway. And I have to tell you that this product is of higher quality than other training aids I've purchased in the past. My son has had this product for several years now and we are just now having to replace the ball and bungee cords. The Arizona sun has a tendency to be extra harsh on products that sit outside year round. So thank you for building a quality product. And for designing a training aid that has helped my son with his batting game.

Works great. I bought this for my 4 boys who, October 8, 2014
Works great. I bought this for my 4 boys who all play baseball from t-ball to hard ball they love it. From the beginning they all hit good but after they practice using the swing away you can see the difference the have better posture there swing is a lot more smooth and level. I recommend this to all those who play baseball.

My older son plays school and club ball and youngest plays little league and they love hitting with it, September 25, 2014
Very Well made! Had questions and company was very helpful and provided assistance. My older son plays school and club ball and youngest plays little league and they love hitting with it. Ball resets in seconds.

Bryce Harpers Swingaway is a Hit!!!, September 3, 2014
Great!!! It's perfect for an indoor batting practice at home! My son who is 8years old loves it and enjoys hitting off it! I would recommend this for any age.

Better than I could ever had expected, August 31, 2014
Better than I could ever had expected! Excellent product quality and tech support. Upon assembly I found a piece missing called support (wknd day) they called back next day and spoke with me. I missed the part that was adjustable turn knob. Been using it (over 38 Baeball league) definitely a big plus to my hitting due to my limited time to practice. If your limited with time and still Love to Play the Game.......Get it Now! You'll Not regret it and maybe even become a Brice Harper Fan....Maybe?

Good product!, August 20, 2014
This helps if you want to improve your game. You can study what you are doing and make corrections quite easily. Not only that but it is well made for the money. It will certainly last a long time.

I highly recommend this swingAway to anyone serious about baseball, August 4, 2014
This has truly helped my son with his form and hitting. I highly recommend this swingAway to anyone serious about baseball.

Exceeded expectations, July 30, 2014
Nice quality. Real baseball, Infinite amount of ball height locations, high/ low, left/right. It even folds up when you need to get it out of the rain. Perfect practice tool for hitting. Far superior to a hitting T. Love it.

Excellent training device for serious youth ball-players., July 2, 2014
Easily replaces the t and net and the player can 'swing-away' safely indoors. Highly recommended!

Good device, June 23, 2014
Very creative. My son loves this and it has improved his game. Honestly, I enjoy taking a few swings myself.

Great product, June 6, 2014
Very well build and good for all ages. Saves a lot of time rather than hitting off a tee. Great design!

Great Product, May 12, 2014
SwingAway was a great purchase/investment. Construction is durable and it is an excellent training system for all ages and abilities.

Great!!!!, May 7, 2014
Bought this for my son's 9th birthday. Very, very easy to set up (took my husband only about 20 minutes) and very sturdy. My son is really, really enjoying it! Definitely a great purchase for any young baseball fan!!!!!

Great training tool, May 2, 2014
After 2 weeks of use my 5 year old son has shown great improvement in games. Just like hitting from a tee but no chasing after balls.

Solid and well built, May 2, 2014
My wife and I purchased the Bryce Harper SwingAway for our 10 year old son (who happens to be named Bryce ;-) I found it solid and well built. I was able to put it together along with help from my 8 year old daughter (so not too hard). It is a great way for my son to take some swings and work on his hitting without my wearing out by arm or chasing balls all around the neighborhood.

Incredible, May 1, 2014
I only wish that I would have purchased this years ago. The players on my 12U baseball team have improved tremendously since I introduced it to the team. In just the first week with it, the bottom of the lineup picked up the pace and is contributing more runs to the team. WOW.....is all I can say. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Great product!, May 1, 2014
Easy to set up. After 2 weeks of daily hitting drills I can already see improvement in my son's swing. It helped him develop muscle memory for driving the ball where he wants it instead of just hitting it. Customer service has been great and SwingAway very prompt and helpful.

SwingAway - should have bought this years ago!, April 22, 2014
I have a 9yr old son that plays travel ball and am always looking for useful training aids to improve his skills. We were at a tournament a few weeks ago where one of the vendors had several Swing Away's setup to use so we spent about 20 minutes testing it out. When we got home I promptly bought this and have been very impressed. What's great is that it allows the parent/coach to watch the mechanics of the swing very closely without worrying where the ball might fly off to. Even better you don't have to collect the ball(s) nor waste time placing them back on a tee. What I really like is being able to kneel behind the net to watch my son's swing, the point of contact, and the direction of the ball as it is struck. There is no way to get this close when doing live pitching (even behind an L-screen), during soft toss, or off a tee. As for the setup, everything was well packaged and it took about 30 minutes to get everything just right. The most time consuming process is installing the net onto the frame and threading the supplied "target" onto the net but it was not too bad. There are some good videos on the SwingAway website and YouTube that show the setup, walk thru some drills, and detail how to move the unit around for inside/outside pitches. We have ours setup in our basement so its out of the elements and will likely stay in good shape for a long time. One last benefit is that he seems to be hitting the ball "harder" which was one of our goals. I told him to see if he could actually get the ball to touch the net every time he swings which at this point he's not able to do. I imagine as he gets stronger and the elastic cords stretch out he'll be able to achieve this but for the time being its a good motivator and definitely building his strength and improving his swing. I've also enjoyed getting my own BP in so its fun for me too!

I definitely recommend this hitting system, March 19, 2014
I ordered swingaway so my kids could work on their swings and get quality reps from home. I knew soon after assembling it (which was easy) that this hitting system was exactly what I have been looking for. I am sure this machine is going to provide great benefit for all my kids hitting. You get quality reps with instant feedback. The kids can use it when I am not available to work with them, all the need is Mom to supervise. It’s safe for indoor use as long as you have the room. I definitely recommend this hitting system.

Kids have fun practicing with it., March 18, 2014
Met my expectations & kids like practicing with it. It is helping their eye connection and helping with a level swing.

As advertised!!!!, March 17, 2014
The Bryce Harper MVP Hitting Machine is a great tool for any age! My 8 year old son had a couple glaring problems with his swing and within a week of getting the machine, we could already see improvement. The quick feedback on whether you are hitting it right and the ability to take a 100 swings inside in the middle of February is a major plus. Also, I love taking my cuts too! I wish I would've had something like this when I was playing. Thanks SwingAway!

The Real Deal., March 17, 2014
By far the best investment I have made for my twin 8 year old boys young sports careers. After a couple hours working through fundamentals and following some of the practice videos online, I was able to get my boys swinging correctly. Now, they can take numerous practice swings by themselves while I am at work. Easy to assemble and the quality of workmanship is outstanding. This is a must for young kids to develop with. I had invested previously in a tee and a net, and that didn't last. This is the way to go if your considering other options.

Great purchase!, March 9, 2014
Our three boys love using it. It has improved their batting swing and skills. Every baseball player should have one.

Awesome!!!, March 5, 2014
I highly recommend the SwingAway. A lot of fun and no broken windows. Indoors and out. An inexpensive way to practice your swing and work on the fundamentals. Thumbs up!

Works as hoped, February 27, 2014
We bought this for our basement for my daughter to work on swinging in the off-season. Easy to assemble; my 13 year old daughter did it herself. Easy to change the ball height and position relative to home plate. Seems sturdy and works as hoped. Lots of fun to take some swings on this and makes it easy to tell if you're swinging right by seeing where the ball goes. Highly recommended!

Great tool to improve my Son's swing, February 27, 2014
Set this up in our basement and my son loves it. He can practice his swing without being outside and chasing balls in the cold. He has only been using it a few days and I can already see an improvement in his swing.

Great tool for improving hitting skills, February 19, 2014
My son is enjoying his new hitting machine. Best of all he can take 100 + swings and I do not have to be there or pick up all the balls! Sits in the garage and he can use it anytime. I didn't have any problem with assembly. Instructions were clear and parts labeled.

Loving it!, February 18, 2014
There may be 18 inches of snow outside but my son is happily practicing his batting in spite of it. We have it set up in the garage and my kids love it. We will see the effects this spring!

Perfect solo swing trainer, February 19, 2014
My 13 year old son has been begging me to take him to the cages so that he can get more swings in. I haven't been able to consistently take him so Ive been looking for something that he can use daily on his own. We've tried the Hitting nets with Tee's but its a PITA to set up all the time and I dont like having to load a ball onto the tee every time he takes a swing. With the SwingAway he gets home from school goes outside and gets a solid 15-30 minutes BP without even batting an eye. I highly recommend this product for anyone in the same situation as us, looking to get quality swings by yourself. The demo video's on the website are also very helpful, though I would like to see more instruction on how to set up the mat (included) for different types of scenarios.

Hitting must!, January 27, 2014
Travel ball starts in January and wit cold weather this allows us to hit anytime rain or shine in the garage with a bucket, tee, or having to load a hitting tee.

Well engineered and well built, December 31, 2013
I was surprised at how well built and designed this was. I am excited to see how my son (9yrs) will develop using it. I like how I can set it up in the basement for all year training.

It's a big hit!, October 19, 2013
Sorry for the pun, both my sons both love this and we can tell it has completely improved their swings.

I love the Swingaway, October 15, 2013
I wish we had all of these training aids when I was a kid. I have invested a lot in to training aids for my son and ball teams I coach, the SwingAway is a great product in my point of view. I know there are folks out there that do not believe in these machines but for me. I can send the kids out to swing away (build bat speed) as well as watch them swing while keeping eye contact on the ball. Just because it is a stationary ball does not mean you can not build a correct swing. I look at this as an expensive batting tee that automatically puts the ball back in place while not making me have to use a tee and screen.

Awesome product, October 1, 2013
This hitting machine is just that, a machine. My 12 yr old son hits about 100-125 swings a day on it. It is easy to set up and move and can be used indoors as long as you have room. You get instant feedback from each swing and can easily get 100+ swings in 1 session without spending extra valuable time chasing balls around the field or yard. Great complementary piece to hitters of all ages.

Awesome and Amazing Hitting Trainer ! September 12, 2013
I got the swingaway for my 14 yr son and 12 yr old daughter to practice hitting indoors. The product came as promised and I was quite surprised how easy it was it was to assemble. The machine is very sturdy and well constructed. My kids started practicing immediately and it was hard to get them off the machine. Within days I witnessed a BIG Positive difference in both of their swings. I started taking it to their practices and now everyone on the team is using it as part of practice and games. I love it and can"t recommend it enough to all players who want to get better at hitting. My son went 4-4 the 1st game after using it and hit the furthest ball he ever hit. The Swingaway is a miracle!!!!!

Great tool for me and kids, August 26, 2013
Easy to put together and so far easy to use and move. Anyone can get several swings in with just a minute of time.

Great Product, August 20, 2013
Took a little time to put together but works well. Great product for younger kids learning the strike zone. Good customer support

In Love, August 17, 2013
I heard of this product through a friend of a friend but bottom line is that my son Absolutely Loves It! Set us up was easy and accomplished rather quickly.

Great tool for improving hitting skills, July 30, 2013
As a former high school baseball coach, I find this machine to be great so far in working with my 8 year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter. They both have improved their skill in a very short time. I wish I had had this when I was coaching high school several years ago.

LOVE IT!, July 24, 2013
My kids and husband love this SwingAway. It is a great product to help my kids practice their batting.

Best summer "tool" ever!, July 11, 2013
Bought for 9 year old son to work on hitting and thought he may not be thrilled with an extra "practice tool" but he loves it and when the gang comes over they all want to have a turn. He's already figuring out a place to keep it indoors for use during the winter months. Too early for us to say if hitting has improved using it but I would definitely purchase again and have recommended it to several others!

Excellent Training Tool - Great Value, June 26, 2013
I've been coaching young teams for years, and for the money, this is one of the best hitting tools I've used. It really teaches players how to hit line drives up the middle, which is what you want to do to be a good hitter (I paid about $200, which is a good price for the high quality of this product). For the price, the product is sturdier and more solid than I expected it would be. I recommend it.

Quality is Outstanding !!!, May 23, 2013
I was impressed with this hitting machine before it was even assembled. Quality, heavy duty parts ensure that this hitting tool will stick around for my 4 yr old and 7 week old !!!! My 9 yr old loves it !!!! Makes the kids keep their eye on the ball through the swing. Assembly was a breeze. I had it together by myself in 30-45 minutes.

It is a great tool for my son, May 6, 2013
It is helping my son keep focused on his swing. He is hitting stronger. He is putting more time into baseball since he has had this.

AWESOME- Delivered as promised, May 5, 2013
I ordered the product for my son (2nd year Babe Ruth) prior to the start of baseball season. It arrived on the date scheduled and I immediately started to put together. The instructions were simple to use but I did have a problem with one of the parts being stuck. I emailed the seller and they sent me a "How to" video the very next day on how to separate the two pieces. After that it was simple to finish and my son and I were practicing that night. The product itself is very sturdy and we have both used it to improve our swings. The ball snapping back to position allows for multiple swings in a short time frame which definitely aids in training. There are also several practice drill videos online to change up the routine and work on various parts of the swing. I would recommend this product to anyone who believes in tee training and is looking for a quality product.

Indoor batting practice, April 30, 2013
We bought the SwingAway for our 9-year-old son so that he can take batting practice any time. We keep in a rec room in the house. He is always "swinging away" at any opportunity. The unit requires adult assembly, but I found the directions to be relatively easy to understand.

Swing Away Bryce Harper Model, April 25, 2013
I have had my SwingAway for two months now and it's been terrific. I work with 8 - 10 kids a week and the SwingAway is as good as the day I put it together. I strongly recommend this product for anyone wanting to be more efficient with their baseball workouts.

Great Tool! Takes the "tee and net" to a whole new level., April 24, 2013
This is a great tool for young players to get lots of reps in a short amount of time. I set this up in my garage which makes it easy to use...kids walk by it to go anywhere and they just about always stop and take a few hacks. My sons and daughter use it almost every day. Sometimes it is a focused 15 minute session and sometimes it is just because of convenience...while they are waiting for carpool, waiting on dog to do his business or coming in from playing outside. Even I can't walk by it without taking some swings. I had a tee and pop-up net before but the net wouldn't stay upright and the balls ended up all over the garage. We have a cage in our backyard but the kids use this far more often because it doesn't take a partner. And the design is such that it facilitates a proper swing plane. In fact poor swings are "punished"...hit that chord instead of the ball once and you know what I mean...while solid contact gives you the feedback you want. I didn't have any problem with assembly. Instructions were clear and parts labeled. Pros: Ease of use, small footprint (compared with a cage), sturdy construction of frame and net. The hitting mat is a nice touch. Cons: Chords are wearing out after 8 weeks of heavy use...but I actually ran into owner of company at East Cobb last week and they have new heavy duty chords which we will get at replacement when time comes. If you want a great tool that can go in a garage, basement, etc that is fun and easy to use...this is it.

Excellent product, April 22, 2013
I bought this product several months ago for use with my 9-year old son. It is terrific! It has allowed us to work on his swing in our basement, no matter the weather outside. It's a great way to get a lot of swings in relatively quickly, without having to go to the batting cage. It also allows us to work on hitting pitches over every part of the plate-- high and outside, low and inside, etc. All in all, a great purchase.

Great hitting trainer, April 22, 2013
I bought it for my 15 year old to help with his hitting in high school baseball. It has to be helping because he is the most consistent hitter on his team It is holding up fine and he wears it out all the time.

Great training aid! April 19, 2013
This Swingaway was easy to assemble and is quite sturdy. I imagine that if properly used it will last a really long time. I bought this for my young sons. Neither hit the ball hard enough to put any stress on the device. I'm completely pleased with the Swingaway for my sons.

My son loves this..., April 19, 2013
We have had it for a little over a year.. Son gets a lot of practice everyday on this... He's ten and I think he's about worn it out on the cords.I've had to rig up a few things on it... I tell my son that he needs to go out and hit until he breaks it...but the thing is well build solid... This is a great product..

Our Son LOVES His SwingAway!, April 18, 2013
We purchased the Bryce Harper MVP SwingAway for our son and he loves it! Spends hours "swinging away"... and his batting average shows the result! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to play ball even before and after team organized practices.

Very Impressed with SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP Hitting Machine, April 17, 2013
Just received the machine on Monday. Set-up and directions were great (mine were in color, so much be new)! Anyone with a bit of technical skill can have this product up and your kid "swingingaway" in less than an hour. My 9 year old son got up before school and took some swings before getting on the bus. We're having crazy cold & rainy weather in the Chicago-land area, so practices have been few and far between...this will be great in the garage or basement on these rainy days. Also, the customer service is excellent...I happened to break a few of the clips that hold the net during set-up. SwingAway was smart enough to add about 10 extra clips in the first place, but when I called them today...they offered to send out some extras to keep on hand. I added a replacement ball while on the phone with them. Looking forward to watching his bat speed and overall chore strength increase by using a heaver bat for practice and taking 50-100 swings a day. I can already see a garage full of kids "SwingingAway"!

Awesome Product, April 15, 2013
I bought this for my son a couple months ago to help him get ready for the little league and travel team spring season. He was always an average hitter at best but now thanks to the SwingAway he is batting over .600and has hit 3 HR through 9 games. Hes also become a more complete batter and his confidence is through the roof. The SwingAway has a heavy duty powder coated frame that should last for years. It will take approximately 30 minutes to assemble and rig the cables and you'll still have enough energy to carry that now obsolete batting tee to the trash. My son must have swung 200 time the first day and he just loves that we don't have to shag balls. He normally takes about 100 swings per day since we've gotten it and then uses the net as a toss back to practice his fielding and stretch for 1st base. Their customer service is also phenomenal, I found a small problem with one of the pulleys after one of my sons hitting sessions and called them right away (Tuesday). The service agent told me they would get a new pulley out to me immediately and that I would have it by the end of the week. Thursday when I arrived home from work the new pulley was there as promised. This is an excellent product with outstanding customer service. If your player wants to be a better hitter buy the SwingAway you won't be disappointed

The product every serious ball player needs, April 13, 2013
I purchased this for my 10/yo son for Christmas and he is absolutely hooked!! In less than a minute he can get 20 - 25 swings in. Perfect for off day work outs or getting himself loose for a game. He won't take the field without his warm up swings. For the season he is batting over .600 and is hitting the ball harder than ever. The unit is solid and well constructed. After four months of use the ball and chords are just now showing signs of wear.

Well built and provides tons of repetitions, April 12, 2013
The SwingAway is easy to put up and take down and is super effective in teaching proper muscle memory when used in a controlled setting. As a high school softball coach I would highly recommend this product in conjunction with other teaching aids. My girls love this teaching tool and look forward to taking their turn. In time I hope to purchase others.

Awesome Product!, April 12, 2013
You can tell right away the product was not built cheaply - solid and appears made to last . I can already tell the difference in both my son's swing and his strength, having this in the backyard has been perfect - as I wouldn't be able to convince him to just swing a bat at air or to put balls on a tee to hit into a net. The number of swings he gets in a short amount of time, plus using a slightly heavier bat to start building strength and bat speed, has already shown a difference in just a few weeks (not even every day during that time due to the rotten weather this spring). I already found great drills on-line to use with the SwingAway. I also love the repetitive swings they get of pulling inside pitches or taking outside pitches to opposite field - and realizing they don't have to change the mechanics of their swing to do so.

Great for warm-up and swing technique - no ball retrieving, April 12, 2013
I purchased this for our 12 y.o. son who plays town/school and AAU baseball. It has been wonderful as a warm-up and swing technique practice device. The online training videos recommend 50 swings a day. We purchased ours in July 2012, and he used it outside for almost 4 months before we started seeing wear on the system. My husband set up the Swing Away using the video instructions. I have also put it back together after storing it over winter months. You can fold it, but it requires taking apart one pole. Just have a picture handy when setting it up again. Our son is always swinging away again!

Great Product!!!, April 9, 2013
My 2 kids use this everyday and you could see the improvement within a week!
Both are hitting very well and with this product you can get in twice the swings in half the time.
Love it...would highly recommend!

Best baseball training aid ever!!!!!!!!!!, April 8, 2013
I got my SwingAway as a Christmas present when I was 8 years old. I am naturally a right-handed hitter, but the SwingAway enabled me to become a left-handed hitter as well. The SwingAway both strengthened and perfected my swing. In my first Little League AA game, I hit a dead center line drive home run off of a really good pitcher. With SwingAway training, my batting average is around .800. I would recommend this product to people who want to become better hitters.

Kids Love it, April 8, 2013
We purchased this product for our 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter who play baseball and softball. My son will spend 20-30 minutes a day on this working on different drills, we have seem a improvement of his swing and success that he is now getting into his spring season, I would recommend to any player at any level

Phenomenal Product!!!, April 8, 2013
I purchased this for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. We set it up in his room and he used it all winter. He must have taken over a thousand swings the first week. He says it was the best gift ever! The frame is solid and very well constructed. Took me 30 minutes to set it up and he takes swings all the time. No need to hassle with a tee and chase baseballs around. After thousands of swings over several months, he tore the ball right off the bungee. Customer service was great and sent me a brand new ball kit. They definitely stand behind their product. He is now in season for his high school team and he's hitting .571 and is hitting the ball with better contact and power.

AWESOME Product!! April 3, 2013
I bought it for my 10 yr old. He was struggling to hit to the point that he didn't want to take batting practice in front of his teammates. The swing away gave him the confidence and an improved swing. Now he gets on base more than anyone on his team. I also use it with the softball tune up kit, now I'm hitting lights out. Great product! Many, many swings in a short amount of time, while still getting instant feedback.